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28th Nov - 28th Dec 2017

BANKEX builds a Smart Assets technology to develop a new generation of decentralized capital markets. The project lays the foundation for the Internet of Assets (IoA), an online platform for asset tokenization.

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20 Nov — 15 Dec, 2017

NAGA Coin establishes the world's first crypto gateway to trade any sort of financial instrument, real and virtual good in a secure and transparent way.

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The one and only tracking platform of all blockchain events worldwide. The tracker helps you find a conference or a meetup you are genuinely interested in, everywhere around the
world. Or arrange your own perfect one.

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Byzantium Talks

A series of TED-inspired blockchain events. Held by trusted local eventmakers worldwide, they all hold a common goal. No selling from the stage, coffee shop atmosphere, and those who know a thing or two about blockchain coming there to network.

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